JiShou!!!!! Full set of gold section area. Hardcover

Date: 2011-05-23, 3:42AM CST Price:$580 / ㎡ Description:1 district is located in south road, traffic is extremely convenient trunk road, go out and then have a dozen bus trip, for your travel and work to bring great convenience, is a very mature village!!!!!wow gold 2 high performance to price ratio. House to feel special atmosphere, house fine decoration with full set of furniture appliances, a pipeline gas. Door model good, have no area of the waste, the north-south, stairs room, investment is suitable home!!!!! You look absolutely! 3 periphery have carrefour supermarket shopping convenience, live, center garden, the old activity center, life supporting facilities. 4 this small area is to the south of central section of the mature plot, the south three geomancy treasure trove!!!!! Cohesion bus station, wuhan plaza station, the geographical position is superior, the peripheral facility equipment is complete, the shopping, the bank into, is very convenient. Houses are all true and effectively! Welcome free consultations to see!!!!! Contact:suiming phone:8 459 4975986 PostingID: 10020 Information source:wow gold

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